A home in between

I am leaving my home
to go home
– the place I once left
that looks different now
as I am not the same.

Not that I have changed to anything
not that I am any different
but I am not the same.

I now know there is a third culture
that is not a country, no dedicated place.
There is no native language (except the little broken English mixed with native accents),
it cannot be seen,
but it exists for real.
You can get there by an airplane, but it is not a destination.
It cannot be visited, it can only be lived,
it is a place in between.
There are no nationalities, yet all of them,
and the ones that are it’s natives,
strongly unite and share understanding, support and needs.

It is a place in between
where stronger than strong memories are made
and deep connections are reached.
It is a place in my heart,
a shape of my mind,
a home I will never leave.

2 thoughts on “A home in between

  1. that’s beautifully expressed Sanna…and so true!!
    (and if you are wondering why I am not sitting in an airplane right now…we didn’t leave today after all as Shona fell rather sick last night and now we are going on Saturday instead).

    1. Oh my, I hope Shona feels better soon and you get to travel nicely. Does this mean I will still get to see you tomorrow??!

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